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At the Paint Factory, We don’t need to run a “special” to save you money. 
Let us know what your needs are and we’ll go to work on exceeding your expectations.  However, from time to time we will post product specials on this page that we think may be  of interest to those in the business (overstock, clearance items, special buys, etc.).  

Specials, Sales and Clearance Items

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Commercial Quotes

As the paint industry continues to consolidate into fewer & fewer manufacturer’s providing the nation’s paint, it’s getting harder and harder to secure truly competitive price quotes.  As companies merge,   volume purchasers who have historically requested competitive quotes from "competing" companies for large projects have seen their leverage position disappear.  The Paint Factory can give your company back that leverage & savings.  Give us a call and tell us about your project needs.

The Paint Factory, Inc. represents many of the nation’s largest & best manufacturers and we’re ready to be of help to your company.

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